March 19th, 2014

Rival Sons släpper nytt album “Great Western Valkyrie”

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Rival Sons släpper uppföljaren till kritikerrosade “Head Down”.
“Great Western Valkyrie” släpps den 6 Juni på Earache Records med exklusiv distribution genom Sound Pollution.
Albumet är producerad av Dave Cobb som samarbetat med bandet flera gånger tidigare.

Såhär säger bandets sångare JAY BUCHANAN själv om skivan:

“Every time we set out to make a record, the experience ends up being some of the old and some of the new.  Same studio, same town, same on-spot writing/recording process with the same guys.  Actually, not the same guys; we have a new bass player in Dave Beste, and we had my buddy Ikey Owens (THE MARS VOLTA, JACK WHITE) throw down some craziness on keys while he was in town.

“I’d like to think we became a little bit more of ourselves making this record and that the selection of influences has broadened a bit.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Miley during the recording; I believe his playing on this record is his most lyrical and musical yet and that’s probably a direct reflection of Beste’s fresh blood in the mix.”

“My performance?  I think it’s more of the same on my end, but Cobb did tell me that my finest performances were given in these sessions, but what the fuck does he know?  They say the truth is in the taste – I’d say this record is the filthy magazine hidden in the hymnal.”

Bandet har turnerat i Sverige ett flertal gånger, från utsålda konserter på Strand, Debaser och Tyrol till festivalspelningar på Sweden Rock Festival och Bråvalla.

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