December 10th, 2013

Interview with British rock band Heaven’s Basement


Gosia met Chris Rivers (drums) and Sid Glover (guitar) when Heaven’s Basement was opening for Black Veil Brides last week.
They have recently confirmed that they will return to Sweden in April to play in Gothenburg and Stockholm. In June they will also guest Sweden Rock Festival in Sölvesborg.
The band has released their first album “Filthy Empire” earlier this year and has already played in Sweden a couple of times.
Filthy Empire Special Edition is out now with footage from the Download Festival and the live recording from their gig at The 100 Club.


Glad to see you in Sweden again!
Sid – Thanks! This time we’re staying in a prison that is converted into a hotel. Me and our sound guy came back around 8 in the morning and it felt like we were trying break into a prison.
When I turned up in the morning there were like four guys in black cargos and sweaters walking down the hall, looking like guards.

You’ve been in Sweden a couple of times, can you say something in Swedish?
Sid -”Hej allihopa” (english: Hello everyone)!
Chris – No, I can’t I’m afraid…
Sid – Well, come on! Just say “Tack”!
Chris – “Tack”… What does it mean?
Sid – It’s thank you. We learn some words when we are here, but then we forget it pretty quickly! I always make sure to learn something because it’s good to be able to say something on stage.

What are the strongest and weakest attributes about you?
Sid – I think my talent is my weakness and my modesty is my best feature.
Chris – Haha… I think everyone best feature is that we can laugh and have fun. At the same time, we take our music very seriously. With a wrong personality you could drive yourself mental and have no fun. You got to be light hearted, just try to have a good time but still be serious about what you’re doing. And that’s how we are.
Sid – We are all in our twenties, so we are not always the most mature people in the world… so that brings its own problems, haha. But it’s normally stuff that are related to having a good time, and our job is the best job in the world. We can actually have fun with it.

Have you ever considered what you would do if you couldn’t make a living as a musician?
Sid – No. We never ever sat down and thought “let’s try this”, we decided to do this without thinking about if it would work out or not. There’s no Plan B, this is what we want to do.

HEAVENS BASEMENT INTERVIEW SID GLOVER CHRIS RIVERS SWEDEN 2013 2014What’s the strangest sight you’ve seen from the stage?
Sid – A guy waving with a fake leg. He took it off and was rocking out with it, haha. I’m pretty sure that he drank beer out of it?
Chris – Yeah! And we’ve even seen someone in a wheelchair crowd surfing.
Sid – Yes, that was fucking badass!

What do you think awaits us after death?
Chris – That’s a tough question…
Sid – Are you asking if we are religious? I ‘m not religious. I don’t believe in anything other than life and death.
Chris – I’m not religious but I still like to believe in something.
Because it’s a sad thought that death is the end?
Sid – It’s not that it’s a sad thought… It’s just that we, as humans, can’t process what that must be like. How the fuck could you work out how it must be to return from where you come from if you can’t remember how it was before you were born?
I think that what you experience after death is exactly the same as what you experienced before you were born.
But that means that, if it’s exact the same thing, it could be anything that await us… Since you don’t remember what it was from the begging.
Sid – Yeah, it could be anything. There is no way for us to know what is happening before and after our existence.
Chris – Human brain can’t comprehend what that might be. We just don’t have the intelligence to know that.
Sid – Exactly. So whatever happens after death is the exact same sensation and exact the same experience before we were born. But that can be fucking anything because I can’t remember it, haha.

HEAVENS BASEMENT INTERVIEW STOCKHOLM SID GLOVER CHRIS RIVERS 2013 2014If you got to be a woman for a day, would you try to have sex with a man?
Chris – I guess it depends on the brain…
Sid – This is a conversation that we’ve had a lot, haha. Are we ourselves in a woman’s body or are we a woman?
You are in a womans body.
Sid – Then no, I would not have sex with a man.
Chris – That’s definite no, haha.
So you wouldn’t want to know how it feels?
Sid – Yeah, but I would do it with another woman and on my own. I would try to get as close to the real thing as possible… Wait, that didn’t sound right either. Lets say it like this: It depends on how many free drinks I would get! But I don’t really have any desire to sleep with a man.

What are your favorite childhood memories?
Chris – Mine is probably from Blackpool Pleasure Beach, when I was maybe four or five years old. It’s like a pleasure beach by the seaside. I remember having a great time during that day.
Sid – I remember the first girl I properly fell for when I was a kid and didn’t really know what to do…
Chris – Oh, I hate that, that’s heartbreaking. You were at the age when you can’t come up and speak to a girl and just don’t know what to do…
Sid – No, no, I don’t mean that! Me and this girl really got on, we had a hardcore relationship that lasted maybe two or three weeks. That was cool, haha.

If you could change something about your appearance, what would you choose to change then?
Sid – Hm… I would grow a third arm, so I could play even better.
Chris – But then you would be a freak?
Sid – Haha, yes, but you would have a vibe! No, I wouldn’t change anything really. It’s pretty sad that some people sit and think about their flaws.
Chris – I tell you what, there’s one thing that I think is extremely cool. People with different colored eyes. That’s fucking badass!

HEAVENS BASEMENT INTERVJU WITH SID GLOVER CHRIS RIVERS 2013 2014Where would you least like to get caught naked?
Sid – I was going to say on stage, but I’ve been pretty close before… We were on tour with Black Stone Cherry and I went out with Black Stone Cherry hot pants and cowboy boots. And that was it, haha.
I would probably not like to be naked outside right now, it’s fucking freezing.
Chris – Yes, and in front of any family member would be weird.
Sid – Haha! But in front of strangers is cool?
Chris – Yeah, strangers are fine, haha.

What’s the difference between living and existing?
Sid – Living is making the most of your opportunities and your surroundings. Living is turning up in Stockholm, going out with Swedish people and having fun. Existing is going to the hotel and sleep and waiting for the show.
Chris – Some of the most successful people had come from nothing. Because they decided to live, get out and do something. While other just exist, they have a roof over their heads and food on the table and they don’t really care about anything else.
Sid – If you are not happy with anything; change it. Go and see the world. Don’t just around and feel sorry for yourself.

HEAVENS BASEMENT INTERVIEW INTERVJU 2013 2014 SID GLOVER CHRIS RIVERSWould you rather know the date or cause of your death?
Chris – I would probably go for the cause…
Sid – No! If you would know that you will die in a plane crush, you would think about it every time you would set your foot on an airplane!
Chris – But knowing the date is horrible…
Sid – Yes, but then you can plan it! If you would know how you are going to die, you would do everything to avoid it. You’d drive yourself crazy.
I think as you’re closer to death, you’ve probably the right priorities and all the bullshit is gone. You just do what you truly believe is the right thing to do. That’s why I would like to know the date, then you can just live with purpose.
Chris – Okay, I also choose the date…

Looking back on this year, what was the highlight?
Sid – Releasing our debut album ”Filthy Empire” was a big milestone for the band. And to be able to tour as much as we did.
Chris – To play at Download Festival was powerful. We’ve always toured as a band, but this is the first year we went on international tours and got to play at major festivals, with major bands.
Sid – There are even little things such as getting a bus instead of a van, to get our own crew that help us on the tour… But releasing ”Filthy Empire” and playing at Download Festival definitely beats everything.

Text: Gosia Machaczka
Photo: SEIKE

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